Food 4 Thought - La Mexicana #3 in McAllen shutdown and ticketed

Roaches, no proof of a food permit and broken pipes aren TMt even the worst of La Mexicana TMs health inspection violations. A McAllen inspector caught the restaurant on 4300 North 2nd Street operating for days on a generator.

The coolers maintained food temperatures at 60 degrees, according to a city report.

The restaurant was forced to throw away more than a hundred pounds of food that had the potential to make the public sick, according to the inspector.

La Mexicana was shutdown for 11 days in all.

The eatery was also ticketed and faces a potential hefty fine for gross unsanitary conditions.

Problems at the restaurant date back years.

The Food Patrol has exposed high demerits at the business for the last four years including this latest health report which showed 34 demerits.

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La Mexicana 4300 N 2nd St (34) *Roaches, 100lbs of Food Tossed, Shutdown for 11 days*

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