Food 4 Thought - Mobile Vendor Ordered to 'Cease' Operation Near Mission

The corn roasting days are over for a mobile vendor that was shut down for illegally operating out of the Mission area.

Health inspectors busted Vasquez Corn Roasting with no hot water and no source of refrigeration for the products being sold.

The business was set up at the corner of Moorefield Road and FM 107.

Kitchen cops have repeatedly warned how many of these types of vendors put the public TMs health at risk for not following important rules.

Most cities across the Valley have banned mobile vendors from operating.

The Food Patrol uncovered in a number of special investigations over the years how basic sanitation wasn TMt being followed by those operating mobile units.

The City of San Benito outlawed them following a report there.

Inspectors have urged the public to ask to see a vendor TMs health permit before a food purchase is made.

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