Food 4 Thought - Mobile vendor with no refrigerator shutdown near Pharr

Kitchen cops in Hidalgo County ordered a mobile taco stand closed after it was discovered in operation without proper refrigeration for food.Taqueria El Pio off Jackson Road near Dicker, in the area South of Pharr, scored 31 demerits on a health inspection report.It was the dirtiest kitchen exposed this week on Food 4 Thought.An inspector told the Food Patrol that he was shocked to see workers using a small portable cooler in lieu of a refrigerator.The taqueria was deemed a public health risk because foods weren TMt maintained at proper temperature.The list of violations didn TMt end there.There were also no hairnets, no soap or paper towels for proper sanitation, no health permit on site and no certified food handlers on duty as required by the county, according to the report.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

Hidalgo Co.Tacos El Fogon Jackson Rd near Dicker (24) *No Soap or Towels, No County Food Certification*Taqueria El Pio Jackson Rd near Dicker (31) *Shutdown, No Refrigerator*

PharrAziz 802 N Jackson (21) *Mildew in Ice Machine, Expired Products*

Weekly Top Performer List: (zero demerits)

McAllenCity Caf 2901 N 10th St

BrownsvilleStick TMs Bar & Grill 3254 Boca Chica

EdinburgHungry Howies 313 S Sugar RdMcDonald TMs 4101 S McCollMcDonald TMs 1724 W UniversityDairy Queen 1224 W UniversityPizza Patron 3911 S McCollSubway 1102 W Trenton Rd

SPIBada Bing Bagels 1817 Padre Blvd

La JoyaChurch TMs 678 E Hwy 83El Pato 600 E Exp 83

San JuanDelia TMs 106 W Nolana