Food 4 Thought - Mold, food on the floor & roaches in Hidalgo Co. restaurants

High demerits are only part of the concern at dirty diners this week.

Health inspection reports show serious health code violations.

Stuff like roaches in a kitchen, mold in an ice machine and food found on the floor are some of the violations in question.

This week TMs dirtiest restaurant is Sevilla Caf on 241 South Texas Boulevard in Weslaco.

It scored 29 demerits on a health report.

Kitchen cops exposed off temperature beef, missing hairnets, insect contamination along with a cross contamination of foods, according to results on a report.

Colima restaurant on 1402 North Closner in Edinburg also scored low performer status with 21 demerits.

An inspector found food on the floor, missing towels for proper sanitation and dirty equipment.

Click on the video link to see the good, the bad and the dirty dining in this week TMs Food 4 Thought!

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Weekly Low Performer List: (0 demerits)

WeslacoSevilla Caf 241 S Texas Blvd (29) *Roaches, Mold & Off Temp. Beef*

EdinburgColima 1402 N Closner (21) *Food on the Floor, Dirty Equipment*

Weekly Top Performer List: (total # of demerits)

McAllenDomino TMs 2016 Nolana Ave

HarlingenMcDonalds 2305 W. Lincoln Rd.Subway 6780 Expressway 83Taqueria Jalisco 712 N. 77 Sunshine Strip

BrownsvilleVermillion Restaurant 115 Paredes LaneCaf Shiraz 800 E. Alton GloorDomino TMs Pizza 700 N. Main St.

EdinburgDenny TMs Restaurant 2301 W. University DriveChurch TMs Chicken 3469 N. Business 281McDonald TMs 202 W. Monte Cristo Rd.

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