Food 4 Thought - Mouse runs out of kitchen during inspection

A Hidalgo County health inspector said he was shocked to see evidence of rodent contamination when a mouse ran out of the kitchen as he entered to inspect 7 Mile Express near Mission.

The convenience store kitchen is located on 7907 West Mile 7.

There were 24 demerits found at the business, according to the health inspection report.

An inspector uncovered improperly thawing cooked foods and roach droppings in addition to the rodent contamination.

A re-inspection was ordered.

One of the store TMs owners admitted it wasn TMt nice to see all the violations.

The Food Patrol asked Joy Kuriakose why there were so many problems linked to roaches and rodents.

He blamed a sloppy surrounding area and construction nearby for the high demerits at his kitchen.

Kuriakose said he did nothing wrong and corrected the violations immediately after he learned of them.

But he also told the Food Patrol this was the first set of problems as the convenience store.

That claim turned out to be untrue.

Click on the video link to see what the Food Patrol revealed there in this week TMs Food 4 Thought.

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Mission7 Mile Express 7907 W Mile 7 (24) *Roach Droppings, Mouse in Kitchen*

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