Food 4 Thought - Pharr restaurant with roaches changes cleaning policy

Rosita TMs on 915 W Ferguson in Pharr didn TMt score high demerits, but roach poop lands the restaurant in hot water.

A public health complaint sparked the initial inspection.

Kitchen cops discovered roach feces and dead roaches during the checkup, according to a report.

The eatery was ordered to provide proof of a licensed exterminator treatment within 24 hours of the city TMs visit.

Areas of the kitchen also needed to be sanitized.

A worker inside told the Food Patrol she had no idea why it took the public health complaint to get the kitchen cleaned up.

Cleaning policy at the restaurant has been changed.

We TMve been doing the cleaning now, Ayheisa Gonzalez, said. So like every week now they make us clean with hot water| so there shouldn TMt be any more roaches| so I guess for a little time they didn TMt do the cleaning.

Rosita TMs wasn TMt the only dirty kitchen this week.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

PharrRosita TMs 915 W Ferguson (9, 0) *Roach Feces, Dead Roaches*

MissionLas Carretas FM 107 & FM 492 (23) *Eggs on the Floor, No Soap/Towels*

PalmviewPan Paris Bakery FM 107 near La Homa (21) *No Hairnets, No Soap/Towels*

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EdinburgDairy Queen 1220 E UniversityChurch TMs 1607 S McColl

AlamoMcDonald TMs 1018 E FrontageWillie TMs BBQ 320 Alamo Rd

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