Food 4 Thought - Rat bait in a restaurant's walk-in cooler

When there TMs rat bait discovered inside a cooler at a restaurant, a health inspector chalks it up on an inspection report as a toxic item improperly stored.

But to folks who eat out, they chalk it up as disgusting and unsanitary.

Even a worker at the restaurant in question on 1713 Highway 281 in Los Indios calls it very bad.

Restaurant Los Indios scored 25 demerits on a health report.

There were a number of violations discovered during a Cameron County inspection which included, a cook not washing hands, missing dates on foods, uncovered foods, no soap or paper towels for proper sanitation along with the rat bait, according to the report.

A cashier who signed the health report told the Food Patrol there was an animal problem.

Blanca Hernandez said the bait was placed in the walk-in cooler by a pest control company.

It TMs since been removed, according to Blanca.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

Los IndiosRestaurant Los Indios 1713 Hwy 281 (25) *Rat Bait in Cooler, Cook Not Washing Hands*

BrownsvilleCamperos Grill & Bar 2500 N Exp 77 (22) *Dirty Equipment, Food Cross Contamination*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

MercedesPizza Hut 826 W 2nd St

MissionTortilleria Bertha 6223 W. Mile 7

Arroyo CityThe Wharf 35423 Marshall Hutts

La FeriaBurger King 1102 N Main

La BlancaValle Hermosa Doolittle & Richardson

ProgresoStars 704 S Business FM 1015

PenitasMcDonald TMs 1705 W Exp 83 (walmart)Subway 1715 W Exp 83

PalmviewBurger King 2120 N La Homa RdWhataburger 2916 E Exp 83

WeslacoBuffalo Wild Wings 1409 W Exp 83

Port IsabelPirate TMs Landing 110 N Garcia St

EdinburgMcDonald TMs 1102 W Trenton Rd

BrownsvilleWhataburger 2419 Boca Chica Blvd

HarlingenWingstop 1729 W HarrisonMr. Gatti TMs 1208 Exp 77The Pizzaria 1610 E TylerChurch TMs Chicken 2310 N Loop 499Sonny Fish Fry 312 N 13th St