Food 4 Thought - Roaches crawl into raspa stand, fumigation ordered

A Brownsville snow cone stand is ordered to fumigate after roaches turn up during an inspection report.

Nery TMs Snow Cones #2 on 1415 Ringgold Street scored 23 demerits.

The small stand is no stranger to dirty dining.

It TMs been featured two other times as a low performer on Food 4 Thought.

Kitchen cops recently found improper hygiene and labeling practices, no hot water or towels for proper sanitation and a dirty freezer in addition to the roaches.

In McAllen, Gorditas Dona Tota on 2812 Nolana scored 22 demerits.

Management talked to the Food Patrol about the multiple violations which included a cross contamination of raw meat next to prepared foods.

Food Patrol: You do know people can get sick from that, right?

Manager: Yea, I know.

The restaurant has since taken steps to correct the problems.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleNery TMs #2 1415 Ringgold (23) *Roaches, No Hot Water*

McAllenGorditas Dona Tota 2812 Nolana (22) *Cross Contamination, Off Temp. Foods*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

McAllenPapa John TMs Pizza 3519 N 10th St

SPIPlaya Bar & Grill 340 Padre Blvd

BrownsvilleChuy TMs Super BBQ 1035 Palm BlvdEl Cortijo 855 W Elizabeth StLa Pampa 1655 FM 802

San BenitoEl Gallito 2480 W Hwy 77