Food 4 Thought - Shocking high demerits at Brownsville adult day care

An adult day care center in Brownsville was exposed by the Food Patrol for a 45 demerit score on a health inspection report.

La Resaca Adult Day Care on 1775 East Price Road was cited for a number of health concerns.

The list of violations included everything from expired bread and cross contamination of foods to failure to keep any logs on food temperatures.

Kitchen cops snapped dozens of dirty photos that highlighted problems in the kitchen.

There was even a note on the report about how a certified food manager had no knowledge of basic food safety in the kitchen.

A chief health inspector said the report was cause for alarm because many of the elderly who attend the day care are at a higher risk for health problems.

The Food Patrol was kicked out of the establishment for repeatedly asking why things got so unsanitary at La Resaca Adult Day Care.

The owner, who would not identify himself, downplayed the violations as minor and would only say things have been cleaned up.

A re-inspection several weeks after the initial report did show zero demerits.

A health department official indicated how inspectors would keep a close eye on the day care to ensure public safety.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleLa Resaca Adult Day Care 1775 E Price Rd (45, 0) *Report: Food manager ~no knowledge on kitchen safety TM*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

La JoyaMcDonald TMs 401 E Exp 83

AlamoPeter Piper Pizza 1043 Exp 83Golden China 1001 Frontage RdSubway 412 N Alamo Rd

EdinburgSubway 909 N Closner

San BenitoDe Alba Tortilleria 801 E StengerPilo TMs 1100 W Business 83

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