Food 4 Thought - Stars Ticketed, Dirty Snow Cone Stand

The year 2011 wraps up with a couple of dirty kitchens exposed.

A snow cone stand in Brownsville scored 22 demerits on a health report.

Nery TMs Snow Cones on 384 Military Highway was caught with dirty cabinets and a dirty microwave.

Inspectors also found the business was operating without any thermometers to properly gauge temperatures on foods.

In McAllen, a Stars Drive-In on 2220 Pecan Boulevard was ticketed by the health department for gross unsanitary conditions among other violations, according to a report.

Inspectors say they caught the restaurant with a freezer not properly cooling and operating with non-commercial wiring which is a safety concern.

There was also a walk-in cooler with walls that were damaged and rusted, according to the health report.

Several holes in the walls and floors of the kitchen area were also a concern.

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Top Performers List

Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List:

BrownsvilleNery TMs Snow Cones 384 Old Military (22) *Off Temp Foods, Dirty Cabinets & Microwave*

McAllenStars 2220 Pecan Blvd (10) *Ticketed*

Weekly Top Performer List:

ElsaObee TMs 305 W FM 107Los Frijoles 720 E EdinburgWhataburger 623 E EdinburgChurch TMs 130 E EdinburgMcDonald TMs 112 E Edinburg

PalmviewTaqueria El Bueno 6919 W Exp 83Subway 508 N La Homa RdAlejandro TMs 201 Palmview Dr

San JuanMcDonald TMs 823 W Bus 83

ProgresoTortilleria Bertha FM 1015

PharrTaqueria Los Dos Portillos 1000 E Bus 83Church TMs 6409 S Cage

HarlingenWendy TMs 401 DixielandLuby TMs 822 Dixieland RdQuiznos 1338 Ed Carey Dr