Food 4 Thought - Top Performer Denny's Falls From Grace

A former top performer Denny TMs restaurant in Weslaco didn TMt live up to the standards of a sticker after it scored 24 demerits on a health inspection report.

The eatery earned a sticker in 2010 for zero demerits.

The Food Patrol holds restaurants who bare the sticker or stickers on its door to higher standards.

Santiago Villazana, the Denny TMs manager on 1416 West Expressway 83, said he knew it wasn TMt a good score or way to carry on the tradition of a top performer on Food 4 Thought.

Food Patrol: The sticker signifies what?

Manager: That TMs Food 4 Thought and we TMre supposed to ~keep it clean TM| so we already fixed everything and got everything done for ya.

Villazana claimed Denny TMs scored zero demerits on a re-inspection report.

There were two other featured dirty diners this week.

Click on the video link to see what TMs not on the menu in Food 4 Thought!

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

WeslacoDenny TMs 1416 W Exp 83 (24) *Off Temp. Egg Mixture, Dirty Walls/Floors*Keno Caf 253 S Texas (31) *Roaches, Dirty Equipment*

PharrMr. Freeze 209 E Dicker (28) *Employee Eating in Kitchen, No Certified Food Handlers/Manager*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

Los FresnosTapias Caf 32184 Hwy 100

BrownsvilleTaqueria El Kiosko 5753 Southmost Rd

Rio Grande CityTacos Las Delicias 5433 E Hwy 83Subway 4023 E Hwy 83

EdinburgSonic 2222 W University DrGolden China Buffet 401 E University DrSubway 6111 N Exp 281

San JuanSan Juan Caf 1618 N I Rd

McAllenSubway 808 S Jackson Rd

AlamoDairy Queen 933 W Hwy 83El Dorado 755 Main StTaqueria El Zarape

San BenitoKFC 1120 W Hwy 77Whataburger 1110 W Hwy 77

HarlingenTaco Bell 1518 Ed Carey DrBurger King 1921 W TylerBlanquitas 3501 W Bus 83The Pizzaria 1610 E Tyler