Food 4 Thought - Willacy County Restaurant Inspection Bombshells

The Food Patrol dug up some of the worst health inspection reports for 2010, and the dirty dining all stems from one county Willacy County.State inspection reports released to the Food Patrol for the period May 1st-August 31st, netted zero top performers with zero demerits.As if the news wasn TMt bad enough, several restaurants with high demerits turned out to be repeat low performers this year on Food 4 Thought.One restaurant called Mi Pueblito on 383 East Hidalgo Street in Raymondville scored the highest demerits with 53 on a May report.Violations at the eatery included filthy conditions like insect and rodent contamination along with cross contamination violations.A re-inspection cleared many of the problems.The Food Patrol wanted to ask management how in the world a business that serves food to the public would ever let kitchen conditions get as bad as the original inspection report revealed.Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf was immediately kicked out of the restaurant.That TMs not the only shocker this week on Food 4 Thought.Click on the video link to see which other restaurants we exposed for low performer scores out of Willacy County.Weekly Top Performers (0 demerits)NoneWeekly Low Performers (total number of demerits) [date of inspection]RaymondvilleCasa Blanca FM 3168 (26) *Incorrect Temperature on Food, Cross Contamination Violations* [6/16]China Star 100 N Hwy 77 (30) *Evidence of Rodent & Insect Contamination* [5/24]Dairy Queen 534 Hidalgo St (33) *Evidence of Rodent & Insect Contamination* [7/20]Mi Pueblito 383 E Hidalgo St (53, 11) *15 out of 27 Critical Violations* [5/24 & 5/25]Subway 122 N Exp 77 (24) *Incorrect Food Temps, Improper Hand-washing* [7/20]