Food stand owner walks away during interview about dirty practices

The owner of Pollos Asados Super Pollos near Edinburg walks away in the middle of an interview with the Food Patrol.

The food stand on 2678 West Monte Cristo Road is busted with 28 demerits on a September 19th inspection.

A major health code violation with no hot water is discovered.

County inspectors say a number of sanitation issues arise from it, and the business is ordered closed for more than 24 hours until the problem is corrected.

The owner, who does not give his name, abruptly cuts off an interview with the Food Patrol and walks away when questioned further about the violation.

"How long were you operating without hot water?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked.

"Just a couple of days," the owner responded.

"What happened?" Ryan asked next.

That's when the owner put his hand in the air and waved goodbye just before walking away.

Taquito Express on 1900 North Expressway 77 in Brownsville scores the most demerits on a September 18th inspection with 48.

The health inspector's notes tell a stomach-queasy tale about how many products aren't holding proper temperature and how equipment isn't adequate for business.

But perhaps most alarming are the pictures of mold in the ice machine.

It TMs a cross contamination violation.

An inspector orders it cleaned within 24 hours, which the restaurant complied with.

The health department plans another re-inspection for the other violations as well.

A manager told the Food Patrol over the phone how the restaurant is working on the corrections.

Cazuelas restaurant on 149 West Rowson in San Benito didn't keep it clean on a September 17th inspection with 29 demerits.

A kitchen cop finds expired salsa in the fridge, employees not changing gloves in between cleaning and touching raw foods, dirty equipment and ants.

Owner Joe Cerda downplays the insect contamination to the Food Patrol.

"Where were the ants at?" Ryan asked.

"On the floor... by the door... the entrance door," he answered.

That's not in line what the health inspector TMs story.

He says the ants are virtually all over the walls, floors and under the fridge in the kitchen.

Joe says a re-inspection on Monday shows how there are no more demerits.

The Food Patrol wants to make sure it stays that way.

"What's been done to prevent it from happening again?" Ryan asked him.

"We're just being here more often," he answered.

This week's featured top performer with zero demerits is Taqueria La Mexicana on 1803 North Raul Longoria in San Juan.

The restaurant has earned stickers in every year since 2010.

Manager Homer Tijerina says they prove one very important thing to customers.

"That they can come here and feel comfortable and that we're always going to keep up with our standards," he said.

You know what the Food Patrol says to that--"Keep it clean!"

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

Near EdinburgPollos Asados Super Pollos 2678 W Monte Cristo (28) *Shutdown for No Hot Water*

BrownsvilleTaquito Express 1900 N Exp 77 (48) *Off Temp Fridge, Equipment not Aqequate for Business*

San BenitoCazuelas 149 W Rowson (29, 0) *Expired Salsa, Ants*

Weekly Top Perfomer List: (0 demerits)

San BenitoSr Taco 1220 W Bus 77

DonnaWhataburger 615 Salinas BlvdTaqueria Morales 1102 E Bus 83Little Caesar TMs 904 E Bus 83

WeslacoRanch House Burgers

EdinburgEl Caporal 2621 W Monte Cristo Rd

HarlingenBurger King 1921 W TylerTaqueria Jalisco 621 S CommerceChina Star 1801 S 77 SunshineVilla Pizza 2000 S Exp 83

BrownsvillePizza Hut 1200 International BlvdSalinas Cheese Factory 4711 Southmost

McAllenSubway 3512 N 23rdDouble Dave TMs Pizza 7700 N 10th

MissionWhataburger 801 E Bus 83