Foot prints help Border Patrol track down five marijuana smugglers

Border Patrol agents took five people into custody on Thursday after they were caught with marijuana bundles along the border.

Fernando Hernandez-De La Garza, Alfredo Esquivel-Vega, Sergio Sanchez De Leon, Juan Torres-Zendejas and a juvenile were caught carrying seven bundles of marijuana.

A DPS camera notified agents about the men traveling with black bundles along the Rio Grande River.

Fresh foot signs alerted agents the direction the alleged smugglers were traveling.

According to agents, recent rain made the ground soft, allowing them to better track the foot prints.

Two of the suspects were caught near Oklahoma and Florida Road.

Agents were able to track more signs and apprehend the other three suspects.

All five were taken to the Fort Brown Border Patrol Station for questioning.

The bundles weighed 349 pounds.