Football player sustains life threatening injuries

Injured football player

He's no stranger to the football field, but on Wednesday what happened to David Anthony Serna was a complete shock to everyone.

"He's was vomiting after he got hit and the coaches thought he had the wind knocked out of him so they sat him out." Eliza Garcia talks to us from a hospital in San Antonio where her 14 year old son underwent 8 hours of surgery to repair serious injuries he received while practicing with his freshman panthers football team Wednesday morning at school.

"He had internal bleeding, his spleen and pancreas were injured." David played football in middle school and had just started his high school career when he was struck by another player on the practice field.

His mom says the coaches told the teen he had the wind knocked out of him and let him rest on the bench. But David's condition worsened by the minute and he called his mom to pick him up from school.

"I took him to the doctor, he sent him immediately to Knapp Medical and they had to fly him out to San Antonio." He is able to speak to his parents but is under heavy medication as he heals from the extensive surgery he's undergone.

David is not going to be back on the football field this year, and his family doesn't know if he'll ever return.

Right now, they are praying he makes it out of this horrible ordeal and can live a normal life.

The family is in need of help covering medical costs and are setting up an account.

We have reached out to Weslaco ISD for comment.

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