Forged painkiller prescriptions land San Juan woman in jail

Forging prescriptions and using other people's identities to feed her drug addiction has landed one woman behind bars.

Erin Price was arraigned at the San Juan Police Department on Friday afternoon.

Police charged the 26-year-old woman with two counts of fraudulent delivery of a prescription.

According to authorities, Price stole a prescription pad from a Weslaco doctors office and forged prescriptions for painkillers.

Police say that at the time of Price's arrest, she had two medication bottles in her possession.

Together they were filled with over 180 pills of hydrocodone.

Police also say that she allegedly used other people's names and birth dates to claim these medications.

Loved ones say that they suspected Price had a drug problem, but they never knew how serious it really was.

Price's mother was also taken into custody during the time of the arrest for suspicion of knowing about her daughter's alleged illegal activity.

However, after further questioning, the mother was released from San Juan City Jail.

Price was immediately taken to the Hidalgo County Detention Center after her arraignment. Her bond is set at $100,000.