Former Brownsville mayor vows to fight judge's order against him

Pat Ahumada // File Photo

Former Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada is vowing to appeal a judge's order against his on-line sweepstakes business.

Judge Rolando Olvera with the 445th State District Court ruled against the Goldmine sweepstakes early Wednesday afternoon.

The Cameron County District Attorney TMs Office led an anti-gambling raid at the Brownsville business back in May.

Authorities seized 77 computers monitors, 74 computer modems with hard drives, 11 routers, a cash register, six computers with monitors and about $2,848 in cash.

Prosecutors filed a forfeiture lawsuit to keep the seized items and cash.

Judge Olvera sided with prosecutors at a hearing early Wednesday afternoon awarding them the money and seized items.

Ahumada told Action 4 News that he took the 5th Amendment and could not testify in the lawsuit because of a pending criminal case.

How can I defend my assets if they TMre going to use what I say against me on the criminal side, Ahumada asked.

Both Ahumada and his attorney Juan Angel Guerra plan to appeal Olvera TMs decision.

Although the business made cash payouts, Ahumada said it TMs legal for Internet-based sweepstakes unlike 8-liner gambling.

Court records show that Ahumada has not been indicted but his criminal case remains pending.

Ahumada said it TMs not fair that the decision about the seizure was made before his criminal case went to trial.

What happens if I TMm found innocent to the machines, Ahumada asked.