Former call center employee accused of stealing customer information

A former employee at a Harlingen call center is facing criminal charges after being accused of stealing bank account information from callers.

U.S. Secret Service agents arrested 24-year-old Anthony Sosa on bank fraud charges on Monday.

Court records released Tuesday show that Sosa worked at the ACT call center off Morgan Boulevard in Harlingen two years ago.

The call center has a contract to provide customer service to Bank Of America customers.

While working at ACT, Sosa allegedly took account information from Bank Of America customers and turned it over to a man named Curtis Sparks.

Sparks used information stolen from 19 Bank Of America customers and opened 24 checking accounts with USAA.

Records show that Sparks withdrew more than $91,000 dollars from different ATMs.

Secret Service agents allege that Sosa allowed Sparks to use his address in Harlingen to receive at least one debit card.

Sparks is expected to be sentenced on March 26th but Sosa was not charged until this week.

Court records show that ACT fired Sosa after learning that he tried to recruit other ACT employees by offering them $500 dollars a week to provide account information from their callers.

Sosa appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Felix Recio in Brownsville on Tuesday morning.

Judge Recio denied bond for Sosa until a Friday morning hearing.