Former CBP officer gets 25 years for night club owner's murder

A Hidalgo County jury finds a former U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer guilty of murder on Monday.

The jury deliberated for just over two hours Monday night before sentencing 32-year-old Jose Elizondo to 25 years in prison.

Elizondo was convicted of using his government-issued gun to shoot and kill the owner of Punto Tres nightclub after a bar fight back in 2010.

Fermin Limon was killed. Elizondo and his wife asked the jury for mercy stating the shooting was an act of self-defense.

He also told juror TMs if he could take the shooting back, he would.

Elizondo TMs wife cried and begged for leniency for her husband whom she said is the breadwinner in the family and helps with the raising of their 9-year-odl autistic daughter.

But, the victim TMs wife took the stand showing a picture of her husband killed during the shooting she told them at least Elizondo TMs wife could visit her husband in jail.

She said she didn TMt have that liberty.

In the end, Elizondo was not given the five years they requested. He was given 25 years in prison.