Former CBP officer sentenced to 25 years in prison

He used to be known as customs officer Jose Guadalupe Elizondo, but for the next 25 years he'll be known as a prisoner.

A jury convicted the 33-year-old former Customs and Border Protection officer of first-degree murder in a fatal bar shooting in August of last year.

His sentence was handed down shortly after the verdict. Investigators say Elizondo used his government-issued gun when he shot and killed bar owner Fermin Limon in the leg and chest, outside Limon's Punto Tres nightclub in Palmhurst. One of the prosecutors in the case says it's always difficult to try a case involving someone once sworn to uphold the law. "Unfortunately we had to prosecute a colleague but when you break the law you are subject to it, said Griselda Rincon Flores. And I feel the jury did what was right and I feel that justice was served for Mr. Limon. In his sentencing portion of the trial, Elizondo insisted the shooting was in self-defense.

His attorney, Santos Maldonado Jr., pleaded for leniency. "It is undisputed by all the witnesses that testified in this case that Mr. Limon pointed a firearm in his direction, said Maldonado Jr. Mr. Elizondo testified and told me from the beginning he defended himself from the use of a deadly weapon. There was mixed emotion outside the courtroom. "My father was a great person, said Mireya Limon. He had a great heart. He didn't ask to be put I and that situation and he deserved justice and that's what we got today. Limon's family say the verdict offered a bit of closure for their loss but that no one really is a winner. Nothing is going to bring my father back and nothing is going to help his family now that they are without him, said Limon TMs daughter. But it's good to see our system works. Mireya Limon said the last year has been a rough experience for her family. She says she thinks about her father every day. Elizondo faced up to life in prison for Limon TMs murder. He will become eligible for parole after half his prison sentence is served, more than 12 years. Elizondo's attorney says he'll likely appeal the trial.