Former commander Padilla claims all command staff brought illegal cash to Trevino and Medina

      Joe Padilla // File Photo

      Former Sheriff Lupe Trevino TMs Chief of Staff Pat Medina TMs sentencing hearing has been put on hold.

      This, after the judge said he wants to hear testimony from former Commander Joe Padilla. For the first time since his indictment, Joe Padilla spoke on-camera exclusively to Action 4 News.

      Padilla will take the stand Thursday.

      We caught up with the former Hidalgo County Sheriff Commander earlier, and he told us he's not the only one who brought in illegal cash contributions.

      "Hi Mr. Padilla, I was wondering if I could chat with you for just a few minutes, asked Action4 News Reporter Ashly Custer.

      You are? asked a skeptical Padilla.

      "My name is Ashly, I work with Channel 4."

      Padilla is expected to testify Wednesday at Pad Medina's hearing. She's awaiting sentencing for not reporting that ex-Sheriff Lupe Trevino was laundering money.

      "Every single time I turned in the money to the Sheriff or Pat Medina," said Padilla.

      Action 4 News asked Padilla if Medina directly benefited the illegal cash that he brought in for Lupe Trevino's campaign.

      "I'd rather not talk about that right now," he quickly responded.

      But what Padilla did tell us was that while he is the only commanding officer currently being indicted, he's not the only one who brought in illegal cash donations.

      He said all of Trevino's commanding officers had to participate in fundraisers and all turned in the cash directly to Trevino or Medina.

      So they all brought cash to Lupe and Pat- the same way that you did? asked Action4.

      Sure, replied Padilla.

      Action 4 wanted to clarify, So I just want to know specifics, people like Montemayor, Danny Garcia..did they do this exact thing? Did they bring cash to Lupe Trevino and Pat Medina?

      All of the command staff, reiterated Padilla.

      We asked again, All of the command staff, everyone?

      Everybody," said the former commander.

      Action4 News asked Padilla if he would give us specific names and cash amounts that the other command staff brought in, but Padilla had had enough.

      "I'd rather not talk about it right now, and let me just talk to my attorney," he said.

      Padilla also told us that to his knowledge, the majority of the command staff that had brought those illegal cash donations to Lupe Trevino and Pat Medina are still currently employed at the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Office.