Former congressional candidate sues Hidalgo County officials

Johnny Partain, a former congressional candidate, is suing Hidalgo county, the district attorney, the sheriff, McAllen police chief and several judges for violating his civil rights.

"The county is now holding my assets illegally so in order to get them back I have to sue the county."

He claims his property was seized illegally last year after he was ordered to vacate.

"This is on an ongoing corruption over a matter of years but it actually ended up in an armed assault on my campaign headquarters last summer when I was running for congress."

"They were going to seize my campaign headquarters and I screwed all the doors down and the windows down and made false reports to McAllen police department that I had a gun and I was threatening police officers."

The small townhouse on Nolana was taken over.

According to Partain, the orders to take his property were illegal and the 13th Court of Appeals announced they were void.

That's why he is hand delivering the nearly 200-page lawsuit to the people he says were just out to get him after he campaigned against the "crooked politicians" in the county.

"I was upsetting high placed officials that I was complaining about court corruptions. They were going to do something to me and I needed to watch my back."

Partain claims the seizure of his property was a culmination of years of county officials trying to shut him up.

"I believe it was just harassment. The county has been harassing me and my family for years and I've been complaining about it for years."

He believes this is the beginning of his years long campaign against so-called "crooked" powers that be.

"The county really doesn't have a leg to stand on and I'm not really sure where they are going to go with this."