Former DA Armando Villalobos found guilty on seven counts

Former District Attorney Armando Villalobos was found guilty on seven of nine counts in the cash for court favors scheme.

The verdict was handed down by the jury at around 9:10 p.m. in federal court.

It took the jury about eight hours to reach their verdict. At one point they sent the judge a note saying two of the jurors would not change their minds.

During part of the deliberation, the jury fought among themselves.

They were conside a hung jury, but the verdict came in after just three hours of deliberation.

The jury convicted Villalobos on count one, which was racketeering. It dealt with the bribe of $80,000 Villalobos took when he let a convicted murderer go.

Count two was for conspiracy to commit racketeering, where the jury found he used the office of the DA to commit crimes.

He is also guilty of counts three, five, six and nine for aiding and abetting as well as taking money in the Livingston case, money house seizure case, money truck seizure case, and from Joe Valle.

However, the jury did not buy testimony by attorney Oscar de la Fuente or former judge Abel Limas.

He was found not guilty on counts seven and eight, which dealt with accepting bribes from de la Fuente and Abel Limas.

On the aiding and abetting count, the jury did find the evidence necessary to convict Villalobos of court four, which was related to Limas.

One of Villalobos' family members burst into tears as the verdict was read.

Since Villalobos has been compliant, he was not taken into custody on Friday night.

The defense plans on filing a motion to appeal in the following months.

Prosecutors in the case say justice was served.