Former DA Yolanda De Leon reindicted

A former Cameron County district attorney has been reindicted on charges of perjury and tampering with governmental records.

The superseding indictment handed up by a grand jury Sept. 10 does not contain new charges against former prosecutor Yolanda de Leon but is more specific and gives time periods that were not listed in the original paperwork, current District Attorney Armando Villalobos said.

"They do not contain new allegations; however, they clear any ambiguities that may have existed with the original language," Villalobos said in a story on The Monitor's Web site Monday.

De Leon's attorney said the superseding indictment shows sloppiness on the part of prosecutors.

"In the rush to get her indicted they made errors, some pretty big errors, and now they are scrambling trying to correct those errors," said Israel Cano III, de Leon's lawyer.

The first indictment charges her with 10 counts of tampering with governmental records and the second indictment charges her with two counts of perjury.

The indictments focus on confidential information that was released to district attorney candidate Peter Zavaletta during the March primary election.

That information was used in political advertisements that appeared in several newspapers.

The information belonged to the Cameron County's Child Advocacy Center and was not for publication, Villalobos has said.

Zavaletta was to be indicted also, but Chief First Assistant Attorney Charles E. Mattingly Jr. requested that Zavaletta's name be removed from the indictment because he has agreed to be a witness in the case.