Former FBI agent, Rep. Vicente Gonzalez react to Comey's firing

Jorge Cisneros, a former FBI agent from the Rio Grande Valley, and Rep. Vicente Gonzalez react to Comey's firing.

The recent action by President Trump to fire FBI Director James Comey spurred a lot of talk, even here in the Rio Grande Valley.

President Donald Trump fired Comey as he was leading an investigation into allegations of potential Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Because of the timing, many congressmen and senators are questioning if the decision to fire Comey was for political reasons.

Jorge Cisneros, a former FBI agent from the Rio Grande Valley, had the opportunity to meet Comey when he traveled to McAllen after he was chosen as director by former President Obama. Cisneros said he was saddened by the news of Comey’s firing.

"He was, I think, a great representative for the FBI," Cisneros said. "He represented the FBI well. Again, I think in this case, very political. I think that had a lot to do obviously in his termination. Unfortunately, obviously with his position, was a victim of that circumstance."

CBS 4 News also spoke to Congressman Vicente Gonzalez, who said this is the time for support from both republicans and democrats to push for House Resolution 356--a bill he sponsored days after he was sworn in.

The bill asks Congress to establish the national commission on foreign interference in the 2016 election.

"I'm hoping that from here on out, we all agree on getting an independent commission to investigate the Russian meddling in our election further, and let it be an independent commission doing it.” Gonzalez said. “I think it would be the fairest way to get to the bottom of it, and put it to sleep so that the American people can have peace of mind.”

House Resolution 356 is also referred to as the Protecting Our Democracy Act.

The three U.S Congressmen representing the Rio Grande Valley--Gonzalez, Vela and Cuellar--- all signed on to the bill as co-sponsors.

As of Wednesday night, the bill currently has 198 co-sponsors, and needs 218 to pass the House.

Gonzalez said Comey's firing might be enough to push others to join as co-sponsors, and push the bill to the Senate.

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