Former Gulf Cartel plaza boss goes on trial in Brownsville

Federal prosecutors allege one of five men detained by Border Patrol near the Rio Grande in October was responsible for moving loads of cocaine and marijuana through South Texas during his short stint as a plaza boss for Mexico's Gulf cartel.

The trial of Juan Roberto Rincon-Rincon, who allegedly controlled smuggling around Rio Bravo, Mexico, continues in Brownsville as prosecutors filed an exhibits list Thursday that included photographs of several drug seizures in September and October 2011, shortly before Rincon-Rincon crossed the river.

Court records indicate Rincon-Rincon was detained by Border Patrol on Oct. 26, along with Jose Luis Zuniga Hernandez, who allegedly supervised the cartel's Matamoros operations and was fleeing cartel infighting. Zuniga Hernandez is scheduled for trial in November. Both men backed out of plea deals with prosecutors.