Former jailer claims La Villa prison mismanaged

~Timothy TM, who does not want to be identified for fear of retaliation, told Action 4 News when he heard about the federal investigation that involved the East Hidalgo Detention Center, he knew he had to come forward.

"They say money talks---if you have money you can get what you want," Timothy said.

For two years Timothy worked as a correction officer at the detention center. In that time, he claimed inmates were treated better than the employees.

"That's messed can they treat them better than us? They're here for a reason."

Timothy told Action 4 News that correction officers would tell the inmates they could not have a certain item"but somehow they managed to get it.

"Inmates that had money would say 'oh well I'll just talk to the warden' two or three weeks later they would get what they wanted," he said.

Timothy has since quit his job at the detention center and said that is the only reason he is coming forward now|.his job is no longer on the line.

"The public has the right to know what's going on in the East Hidalgo Detention Center."

Action 4 News took those allegations to LCS Corrections, owners of the detention center,deny the patronizing of inmates.

They also states that inmates do not have direct access to money.

Instead, an inmate trust fund is set up for them while they are incarcerated.