Former judge Abel Limas testifies in Marc Rosenthal trial

Abel Limas // File Photo

A former judge has taken the stand to testify against a high-profile attorney accused in Cameron County's cash for court favors scandal.

Former 404th State District Court Abel Limas is testifying against attorney Marc Rosenthal.

Rosenthal is in on trial for racketeering in Corpus Christi.

Prosecutors allege that Rosenthal and others paid Limas cash accused of paying Limas thousands of dollars in cash for court favors.

Limas, who pleaded guilty to his role back in March 2011, took the stand on Monday afternoon.

The former judge's testimony continued on Tuesday where he was being cross-examined by defense attorneys.

Defense attorneys claim Limas cut a deal to save his wife and son from prosecution but also lied about details in the case.

Rosenthal's trial was moved to Corpus Christi due to publicity in the Rio Grande Valley surrounding the case.

Testimony in the trial is expected to continue through early March.