Former judge testifies against lawyer in "cash for court favors" trial

Federal courthouse in Corpus Christi

A former judge has taken stand to testify against an attorney accused of in the Cameron County cash for court favors scandal.

Eduardo "Eddie" Lucio is on trial before U.S. District Court Judge Andrew in Corpus Christi.

The Austin-based attorney is facing racketeering and several other corruption-related charges in Brownsville.

But Judge Hanen granted Lucio a change of venue to Corpus Christi due to publicity surrounding the case.

Lucio, who is not of any relation to the Texas State Senator or Texas State Representative, iis the last of 12 suspects in the bribery scandal.

Prosecutors called former 404th State District Judge Abel Limas to the witness stand on Wednesday morning.

Limas is testifying against Lucio, who prosecutors allege participated in the bribery schem to get lucrative lawsuits.

Prosecutors contend Lucio bribed Limas and worked with the ex-partner Armando Villalobos, who was the Cameron County District Attorney at the time.

Lucio testified he received a large bribe in a McDonalds bag and used the cash to pay bills and go see a boxing match in Las Vegas.

A federal jury found Villalobos guilty of racketeering back in back in May.

The former district attorney is awaiting sentencing for his role in the scandal.

Lucio is the last of 12 suspects named in the bribery sandal.

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