Former La Joya ISD teacher claims wrongfully terminated

Robert Sanchez told Action 4 News he was wrongfully terminated from his position as a special education teacher at Ann Richards Middle School in Mission.

Sanchez was a teacher in the La Joya Independent School District for only two years.

He said, in that time, he noticed that his students were treated different from others.

He alleged that when his students acted out they were placed in ~lock down. TM

"They were not to have any social interaction all day, Sanchez explained. They would be kept in the room and not to be let out at all...not even for the bathroom."

This was an alleged practice Sanchez said he did not enforce and believes his defiance angered administrators at the school.

"I brought up these concerns--these issues and said let's not do this. I did try-- and the consequence was that I was terminated."

La Joya ISD officials told Action 4 News that the claims are false and sent over this statement: It has come to the attention of La Joya Independent School District that Roberto Sanchez, a suspended employee, has asserted he was placed on suspension as a result of claims he made about La Joya Independent School District violating the rights of its students. This is an inaccurate statement. It is not customary for the La Joya Independent School District to discuss the suspension of its employees in the media and will not begin today. However, La Joya Independent School District's board president, board members, superintendent and staff would like La Joya parents and community to know the District is not violating any of its students' rights and are present for the best interest of the children of our community. Further, La Joya Independent School District, the board president, its board members, superintendent and its staff assure the community and its families that it takes any and all complaints related to its children seriously.