Former lawmaker TMs family wants changes to make searches quicker, more efficient

The family of former State Representative Don Lee was saddened but relieved, after one of the family members found his body, three days after he was reported missing.

Though Lee is no longer living, his commitment to his community will live on, according to his family.

"He was a kind of guy that we're not making a whole lot of those guys anymore," his son Clayton said.

At about 10:30 a.m. on Sunday Clayton searched along brush land when he found his father, nestled in the grass and lifeless.

"We need to try and get the situation changed to w ere we can begin to track a missing senior much more quickly," Clayton added.

Lee's family said police should have issued a Silver Alert since he suffered from Alzheimer TMs and was taking medications for his heart and diabetes.

But Harlingen PD said the case did not meet the criteria.

The family also said Lee had a cell phone with him, but it took more than 24 hours to access call records or track his phone's GPS.

"Had the ability been in existence for us to access the cell phone technology at an early stage we probably could've honed in on him," Clayton concluded.

Nonetheless, he and his family said they are thankful for police and community support over the past three days.

They found him and can properly bid him farewell.

The family said they will have a memorial service in the Valley in the coming days, but the remaining funeral services will take place in Austin, where he will be buried.