Former legal guardians remember teen killed by 18-wheeler in Brownsville

The memories were too much for Stephanie Granados as she glanced at a white bike placed on the intersection of Frontage Road and International Blvd.

She broke down in tears, just feet away from where 14-year-old Damian Ochoa lost his life.

"Whoever did that was very nice, she said. That was a good deed, it meant a lot for us."

The white bicycle stands as a memorial of that tragic day nearly two weeks ago.

Damian was riding his bike on his way to see his mother in Matamoros when an 18-wheeler struck and killed him.

It is the kind of trucks Gilberto Esparza drove for more than 48 years.

"Be aware drivers, because if you make a mistake and it costs not you, the ones who love the most the kids," he advised.

Esparza had been Damian's legal guardian for the past seven years, after his mom was deported to Mexico.

The man and his daughter Stephanie cared for the boy until seven months ago when Damian TMs older sister took custody of the 14 year old and his two brothers.

"It TMs been seven months and they lose a kid, that's negligence," he complained.

Esparza said it has been tough dealing with Damian TMs untimely death, and the circumstances around it.

While he and his daughter wait for answers, they are grateful others are taking the time to honor him.

They hope the white bicycle brings awareness to the dangers on the road.

Meanwhile, the Brownsville Police Department will continue investigating the circumstances surrounding the fatal accident.