Former Linn/San Manuel firefighters concerned about department's future

For ten plus years Rudy Flores and several others have dedicated their time to protecting the people of Linn/San Manuel.

But after scandal, involving missing funds, rocked the department in 2012 and the former Fire Chief resigned"Flores said things have gone downhill.

"There is no certification, Flores said. There is also a lack of leadership--no one wants to take the responsibility of guiding and directing--taking charge at a scene."

Flores said he took the changes in stride.

He said they agreed to the new bylaws that Hidalgo County had written up for the department"but said he could no longer ignore, what he called, unfair changes made by the board to those adopted bylaws.

"We want for them to uphold the bylaws that we accepted, Flores said. We don't want them to pick and choose the bylaws that the new board of directors want to change."

Flores and several others were eventually given a letter that relieved them of their duties as volunteer firefighters for Linn/San Manuel.

In turn, Flores wrote a letter to the Hidalgo County Judge, Precinct 4 commissioner, and the board of directors for the fire department.

In the letter, he outlined concerns that he and other firefighters had with the way issues were being handled. He said he has yet to hear back from anyone regarding his concerns.

"We are concerned for the safety of the citizens and the firefighters. We need certified people who know what they're doing out there. We want our tax payers dollars to be justified."

Action 4 News took Flores TM concerns to Linn/San Manuel Board President Eddie Guerra"he said the board did change the bylaws but only to make them easier to understand.

As for the letters dismissing several of those volunteer firefighters, Guerra said the board needed to be more ~fiscally responsible. TM

He said they conducted evaluations and found that some were no longer responding to calls.

He said they could not continue to pay for pensions for people who were not doing the job.

As for Flores, he said he will continue to fight. He said the protection of that small community is all he really cares about.