Former Mission officers involved in drug scandal post bond

Espinoza and Trevino

Former Mission police officers Jonathan Trevino and Alexis Espinosa were released from police custody Monday after posting bond.

Espinoza and his father, Hidalgo Police Chief Rudy Espinoza left the courthouse together following Espinoza's preliminary hearing.

Both declined to comment afterwards.

Trevino and Espinoza were ordered by the court to wear a monitoring device until appearing back in court.

During Espinoza's preliminary hearing, both an FBI agent and Homeland Security investigator testified what happened during four different undercover operations.

According to the FBI agent, Espinoza admitted to stealing cocaine prior to these operations and that their confidential source has audio and video recordings of the alleged escorts.

Sheriff's deputies also accused of receiving payment to escort illegal narcotics across the valley.

Fabian Rodriguez and Gerado Duran did not post bond.

Duran's court appointed attorney claimed he had a conflict of interest so could not represent Duran his hearing was moved to Tuesday.