Former quarterback admits to sexual abuse of 11-yr-old, says 'We are gay.'

Joel Josue Cuellar

New details have been released leading up to the arrest of a former Edinburg North quarterback on child sex charges. Police documents indicate 18-year-old Joel Cuellar admitted to sexually abusing an 11-year-old boy continuously over a three month period before his arrest last Friday at a McAllen soccer park. In the report, Cuellar admits that he was supposed to take the unnamed male to the movies on the night officers discovered them in a parked car, shirtless with Cuellar's pants down. The boy is a sibling of one of Cuellar's friends. Psychotherapist Doctor Susan Ander says it's typical for any child predator to gain a family's trust for easier access to their victim. "There was opportunity, there was a location and there was a child who made no outcries," Dr. Ander said. "It doesn't get much better than that for somebody who wishes to prey on children." The boy tells police he performed oral sex on the 18-year-old and did so on at least 3 to 4 other occasions. Cuellar admits to several instances of sexual abuse with the underage victim but not before first trying to lie about his age. He first claimed to be 16, then 14, according to the report. And when asked by an officer why he feared he would get into trouble, he said, "We are gay." Dr. Ander believes most victims are coerced into believing what they are doing is right or are often threatened. "Most children are embarrassed, they feel guilty and as with the [Jerry] Sandusky case... they feel like nobody is going to listen to them... So they give up trying," she explained. Signs of possible abuse with a child include: changes in behavior, withdrawn, restlessness or anti-social tendencies, according to Dr. Ander. She says it's important for parents to recognize any changes in behavior, and to talk with their children as the number one defense against abuse. "The only way to protect your child is to sit down and have a talk with them and tell them if anybody ever touches you, even if they tell you they'll hurt the family, tell," she said. Cuellar is out of jail on bond. His attorney Terry Canales sent Action 4 News this statement in regards to his client allegedly admitting to the child sex abuse: "As always, it is difficult comment on an ongoing criminal case, without jeopardizing the attorney client privilege, or a clients rights. What I can say is these are very serious allegations, and my client and his family are prepared to respond. Obviously, this is a troubling case for everyone involved, including the alleged victim and his family. My hope is that there will be a quick legal resolution, so that the mental healing process can begin for all parties." To learn more about abuse and how to report it head to Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook pageClick here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter