Former Schlitterbahn employees speak out against "discrimination"

Restaurant workers at Schlitterbahn Beach Resort on South Padre Island are outraged, saying they are the victims of discrimination.

We all make mistakes even management makes mistakes however they think they're perfect, said one man. We as employees or ex employees feel the rejection coming from them."

Rejection is how they feel management has treated them.

Ten employees walked out of a banquet that was booked there last week, and all of them are now accusing Schlitterbahn management of discrimination and not allowing them to have breaks.

Some said they even went all day without eating.

There was an occasion where I cried and I believe that the whole staff felt the pain, said a female employee. I fed the crew in the other kitchen because they had been working all day without taking a lunch someone from management came and grabbed the meal and dumped it. It wasn TMt even food from there. That was a meal that I brought from home, my food, our food, the staffs.

These employees contacted Action 4 News because they said they are fed up with the treatment that they receive.

The group joined forces and walked into the human resource office for answers but didn't get much in return.

We went to human resources and they ignored us, said a man. What they told us that they would listen to us but we if we were going to say things that weren't true, that all we were doing is wasting their time and work but I imagined that TMs what hr is for.

Action 4 News reached out to the director of Marketing. They said in a statement, that they are an equal opportunity employer.

The ten employees their going to San Antonio to file formal complaint.

Shlitterbahn statement:

Schlitterbahn is an equal opportunity employer who has generated thousands of jobs since opening in 2001 and has created over 100 more with the opening of our new beachfront hotel and indoor waterpark.

Our team members are our most valuable asset. Our human resources and entire management team have an open door policy and we take all employee comments seriously.

We are dismayed by the statements made as they were never expressed prior to these former employees unexcused abandoning work prior to their scheduled shift ending, thereby terminating their own employment.