Former state rep. accused of using middleman to get clients at funeral

Allegations, that former State Representative Jim Solis had another person try to get him clients at a funeral, are what first launched the State Bar of Texas to investigate the then Harlingen attorney.

"We have been fighting, because Mr. Solis contends that he committed no misconduct," said his attorney Sharon E. Conway.

What cost Solis his license were charges he gave bribes to former 404th State District Judge Abel Limas.

He accepts responsibility," said Conway.

Solis plead guilty in 2011.

In April, he agreed to be disbarred.

As of May 1, 2012, Solis was no longer an attorney.

"This was going to happen anyway, and so he agreed to take action by entering into the agreement rather than making the bar go through the motions," said Conway.

Only the name of Solis TMs former partner hangs outside the Harlingen office where Solis once worked as a lawyer.

Action 4 News went inside to get Daniel Robles's opinion on Solis's disbarment.

Inside we found Jim Solis still has an office, and awards from some of his community service still hang on the wall.

Robles was in a meeting and did not return a message we left.

Solis was not there and also did not return a message.

A receptionist said she did not know what work Solis does in the office.

The judgment for his disbarment said on or before May 1st, Solis had to write every one of his current clients to let them know he's no longer a lawyer.

Solis has yet to be sentenced for his involvement with Limas.

As for the case where clients may have been solicited at a funeral, Solis TMs attorney said the case will likely be dismissed.