Former State Rep. Jim Solis reports to federal prison

Jim Solis // File Photo

Former Texas State Rep. Jim Solis has reported to a low security federal prison in Arkansas.

The former lawmaker will now start serving his 47-month sentence for his role in the Cameron County" cash for court favors" scandal.

Federal court records show Solis was ordered to report at noon on Tuesday to the Forrest City Federal Corrections Institution.

Defense attorney Roberto Garza confirmed that Solis reported to the prison as instructed.

Solis originally surrendered to authorities back in April 2011.

The former attorney pleaded guilty to participating in the scheme with Austin-based attorney Marc Rosenthal and 404th State District Court Judge Abel Limas.

Solis lost his law license following his conviction but also testified against Rosenthal and other connected to the corruption scandal.

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen sentenced Solis to three years and 11 months in federal prison for his role in scandal.

Solis remained free on bond in order to get his affairs in order

I am sorry for what happened, Solis said during his sentencing. I made a mistake and it should of never happened.