Former State Rep. sentenced to 47 months

Former State Representative Jim Solis is heading to federal prison.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen sentenced Solis to 47 months in federal prison.

More than two years ago, Solis plead guilty to taking cash for favorable rulings in State District Judge Abel Limas' court.

Solis was stripped of his attorney's license.

On Friday, Valley Morning Star reporter Emma Trevino-Perez tweeted "defense attorneys had asked for home detention or a split sentence; half in a home detention & other half in jail".

That request was denied.

In addition to his 47 month prision sentence, Solis must also pay $40,000 dollars in restitution to several parties.

Trevino Perez tweeted "Hanen also ordered Solis to make restitution [payments] to Yolanda de Leon, Peter Zavaletta, and Freedom Communications.