Former state rep testifies against attorney Marc Rosenthal

Abel Limas File Photo

Former Texas State Rep. Jim Solis has taken the stand and is testifying against Marc Rosenthal, an attorney accused in the Abel Limas "cash for court favors" scandal.

Solis took the stand on Tuesday but is continuing his testimony on Wednesday.

Rosenthal is accused of racketeering and bribing former 404th State District Court Judge Abel Limas to get favorable rulings in lawsuits.

Federal court records show that Solis is a witness for prosecutors against Rosenthal.

Both Solis and Rosenthal worked together on many high-profile wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits in Cameron County.

Among the lawsuits, was a wrongful death lawsuit filed in a Valley AirCare helicopter crash in the Laguna Madre off South Padre Island.