Former Tamaulipas governor fires back on social media

Tomas Yarrington has not been seen but has been posting on his website

A former Tamaulipas governor is firing back on social media amid allegations that he abused his office to make millions of dollars from drug cartels.

Tomas Yarrington is facing money laundering and organized crime charges at a federal court in Brownsville.

Yarrington strongly denies the charges and organized a press conference in Mexico City late last week.

Although Yarrington was not at the press conference, but lead defense attorney Joel Androphy and others took questions from reporters.

Androphy told reporters that the federal government's case against Yarrington is built around people lying to save themselves from prosecution.

"There is no support for these charges," Androphy said. "There's no information to support these charges. There no credible evidence to support the charges. So all you have is a piece of paper from the government saying you've done these alleged acts."

Yarrington has not been seen publicly in more than a year and is presumed to be in hiding but posted YouTube videos from the press conference on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Androphy told reporters that he could not disclose his client's location but noted that Yarrington was in the United States when the investigation first started.

The Houston-based defense attorney said his client is not a fugitive or in hiding.

Androphy noted that U.S. government officials asked Yarrington to leave the United States because his visa had expired.

"He was there to face the charges," Androphy said. "The fact that he's not there anymore is the result of the United States of, not Governor Yarrington."