Former U.S. Marine being held in Matamoros jail

The rifle was found inside this RV // Family Photo

The defense attorney for a former U.S. Marine jailed south of the border in Matamoros says he will not rest until his client is a free man.

Jon Michael Hammar crossed the Los Indios border crossing, with a hunting rifle on board his RV.

Hammar is now being held in Mexico TMs Matamoros prison - charged with carrying an illegal weapon.

Defense attorney Eddie Varon Levy interviewed with Action 4 via Skype form Mexico City saying that a customs official gave Hammar wrong information.

Hammar was arrested because the barrel of his 1960 sears rifle was too short. Under Mexican law that would make him ineligible for bail, said Levy.

Hammar has been in jail since August and will have to remain there until authorities decide to let him out.

Hammars attorney does not agree with what he is calling an injustice to his clients rights.

"While he technically might have breached the law there TMs no suicidal with that this is the most in just case that I have been involved in I don TMt know how long, " added Levy.

Within the last mile before reaching the border crossing, signs clearly indicate penalties by Mexican authorities if anyone crosses with a weapon.

Levy did not give Action 4 News an answer to why Hammar crossed the Matamoros border with a weapon, but he said he is willing to take this case to the Supreme Court in Mexico if he has too.

Attorney Levy said he will not rest until Jon is set free.