Former UT coach sues university for discrimination

Beverly Kearny

A former University of Texas track and field coach is suing the school for discrimination after she was accused of having an improper relationship with a student.

Beverly Kearny doesn TMt deny she had a relationship with a UT student.

It is the punishment for the action that has her claiming she was discriminated against for her sex and gender.

In 2012, the university announced they were investigating an alleged relationship between Kearney and a student.

Threatened with termination she resigned in January and filed the lawsuit last week.

A similar case involving Major Applewhite, a white male coach for the Longhorns football team, turned out differently.

He was investigated for having a relationship with a student in 2009, but instead of being fired, he kept his job and was given a raise the following year.

"The issue is there is a different set of rules for the Caucasian male who engages in this kind of behavior as opposed to an African American female or even a Hispanic female, but there is a different set of rules," Jody Mask said.

The university does have a policy that requires supervisors to report any consensual relationships with students.

Kearny said the relationship ended when she was paralyzed in accident.

She worked for the university since she was hired back in 1992.

At this time a court date has not been set.

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