Forty years since landmark decision of Roe v. Wade

In today's modern era of politics and gridlock on Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court's historic ruling on Roe vs. Wade remains a landmark decision.

With a vote of 7-2 on Jan. 22, 1973, the nationwide right to abortion was established.

Around 55 million abortions since that day, the ruling's legacy is the opposite of compromise.

Abortion is still one of the most hot button issues in this country, despite the outcome of this case.

Patricio Gonzalez from Planned Parenthood joined Action 4 Sunrise to discuss women's health and the landmark case.

Today, contraception that prevents pregnancy has been pushed to the forefront of debate in Austin, Texas and the national stage.

Planned Parenthood in the Rio Grande Valley does not conduct abortion procedures, but they do support them. Instead, the organization is in place for preventative health care, such as providing free health exams, tests and contraceptives for women.