Four alleged Gulf Cartel members arrested in Nuevo Leon shootout

Federal Police Photo

Four alleged associates of the Gulf Cartel are behind bars following a shootout south of the border in Nuevo Leon.

It happened yesterday at a ranch located in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon, which is about an hour south of Starr County.

Federal police reported that the ranch was used a weapons and ammo stash house by the Gulf Cartel.

The suspects arrested were identified as:

Santiago Patio Gil, 29, San Luis Potosi Isaas Cavazos Flores, 19, Nuevo Len Teresa de Jess Mireles Melibran, 20, Tamaulipas Lorena Macas Mndez, 18, Nuevo Len

Federal police reported that they also found children ages 3, 6 and 16 on the ranch.

Officers seized 18 weapons, about 2,000 rounds of ammunition, drugs and tactical equipment as well as several cars and trucks.

The two men and two women arrested were booked and are expected to face weapons as well as organized crime charges.