Four charged with Sharyland student's murder

Four young men are facing serious criminal charges for the murder of a Sharyland High School student and injuring two others.

Rodolfo Arrieta, David Alan Gonzalez, Jaime Martinez, and Sergio Montiel are facing two counts of aggravated assault and one count of murder.

We don TMt have a motive, said Sgt. Jody Tittle. It TMs not gang or drug related. All we know is they met at that particular spot so they could duke it out. Unfortunately, someone brought a gun to the fist fight.

Police said Montiel, a Mexican National, pulled the trigger.

They say he fired a warning shot into the air and then shot three times, wounding two and killing 17-year-old Efrain Reyna.

Police said the suspects were able to get away in a tan Mercedes but they didn't get far before police caught up to them.

The Toyota Tundra that Reyna was riding in was found with a shattered back glass, chips where bullets grazed the truck TMs side and most noticeable of all, blood.

We have two survivors, said Sgt. Tittle. One of them has two BB TMs in his thigh and neck. The other does have to see an eye specialist to get glass shards removed.

Rodolfo TMs mother, Emma Maldonado, said she dropped her son off at Whataburger so he could meet up with his friends.

She said she never thought a night out would turn deadly. She said she can only imagine what Reyna's mother is going through.

As a mother I can understand the pain she TMs going through, said Maldonado. I wish this had never happened.

Maldonado said it is hard to believe that fight, she said started over a girl, could turn so serious.

They TMre all friends in school, said Maldonado. We want there to be an end to all of this.

Arrieta and Gonzalez are students are students at Sharyland High School student while police identified Martinez and Montiel as illegal immigrants from Mexico.

Three of the boys were given $2 million dollar bonds but Montiel was given a $5 million dollar bond.