Four in custody for robbing and beating a Subway employee

A total of four people are now in custody for the robbery and beating of a Subway employee.

Action 4 News was there as a judge formally charged three of them with aggravated robbery.

The fourth is a juvenile and was charged away from the public TMs eye.

Brenda Lopez was a Subway employee on duty when another employee was robbed as she went to make a store deposit.

Police said these two men, Noe Gonzalez and Javier Benavidez, acted as a getaway driver and a lookout.

The juvenile is accused of robbing the woman and then beating her with the money bag.

Police said the four did not all know each other.

"The juvenile did know one of them and another one he only knew by name. It was one of those things where they go pick out a few friends, help them carry out the crime and see if they can get away with it."

The former Subway employee was given a bond of $75,000.

The judge gave Gonzalez a bond of $100,000 and Benavidez a bond of $125,000 because he had previously served time in jail.

Police said they're waiting to take the juvenile to the juvenile detention center where he will face a judge.

Police said witness statements and cooperation from suspects allowed them to solve this case.