Four teens caught after escaping from juvenile facility in Bayview

Justin Slaton // Cameron County Jail Photo

Four teens are back in custody after escaping a juvenile facility near Bayview and going to South Padre Island.

Cameron County Sheriff's Department deputies arrested 17-year-old Justin Slatton and three juveniles on escape charges.

It all happened Sunday at the AMI Kids facility off Buena Vista Road on Sunday.

According to court records obtained by Action 4 News, Slatton and the others hopped a fence.

A witness told investigators that the teens planned to go to the Island and then San Antonio.

All four teens were caught and returned to the facility.

This is the second escape at the AMI Kids facility reported to the public this year.

A teen was arrested in a similar incident back in March.

AMI Kids officials said staff at the Bayview facility will be reviewing procedures and provide training for staff next week.

AMI KIDS Statement

Four youth ran from the AMIkids Rio Grande Valley program on Sunday afternoon, April 21st. All four of the youth were apprehended safely and are in the custody of law enforcement. Our focus is giving kids who are on the wrong path the opportunity to transform their lives, to become responsible and productive members of their local communities. This includes offering our kids the opportunity to participate regularly in community activities such as community service projects, where the teens have a chance to give back and, in turn, build new, healthier bonds to the community. In all efforts, our priorities are for the safety of our kids and our community. To emphasize those priorities, AMIkids Rio Grande Valley staff will participate in a national training next week that focuses on recognizing signs that lead to incidents, and effectively addressing those behaviors to prevent incidents.