Fourth grader stabbed with pencil

A fourth grade student from San Benito was stabbed several times in the arm with a pencil.

Usually when you tickle someone the person laughs.

But that's not the case with a fourth grade San Benito student who's accused of stabbing a classmate as part of his reaction.

San Benito CISD Superintendent Antonio G. Limon confirmed the attack saying it happened at Oscar de la Fuente Elementary School last week.

Limon said the the victim was a 9-year-old girl who tickled another a boy in class.

"The other student reacted by taking the pencil and coming back and stabbing the child, Limon said.

The girl was allegedly stabbed several times in the arm requiring medical attention.

School officials couldn't release what disciplinary action has been taken against the boy.

But Limon assured that the incident didn't go without punishment.

"I can only tell you that proper procedures were followed, Limon said.

The superintendent said this is not an ordinary case and the district will look into the boy TMs behavior.

"We TMre concerned and that's why we're taking steps to correct the measure and taking steps to provide counseling, he said.

Limon said the two students have been put in separate classrooms.

The longtime educator said children play all the time and sometimes get hurt but this incident went one step further.

"Sometimes it's innocent, sometimes its not but when it's not we will deal with it, Limon said.