Fraudulent delivery to La Feria woman

When a hefty check was delivered to her door, Delia Rubio got suspicious.

So the La Feria woman got out her laptop and looked up the company on the check, Suntrust Bank Northwest Georgia.

"Thank God for Google, because I Googled the bank, said Rubio.

Rubio found out from the company the check was fake.

She called police.

La Feria Police Chief Don Garcia said had Rubio cashed the check, she would have had to pay it back.

"Once the check returns then the bank will be looking for you, said Chief Garcia.

Even worse, had Rubio deposited it, she could have lost all her money.

"If you deposit this check in your account, then these people can go into your account and draw every single penny you have, said Garcia.

Rubio doesn't want others to get duped.

She and police want you to be weary when a temptation like the check she received is delivered to your door.

Police Chief Garcia said he's received other reports about similar checks in the mail.

However, he said this was the first time one was delivered to a home.

Rubio said she signed up online to become a secret shopper.

She said she had to submit her address.

She thinks that's how the fraudulent check made it to her home.